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The balance of good and evil is a fragile thing. As long as these forces remain in equilibrium, the world lives in peace and harmony. However, once in a while there is an evil genius at work, nurturing his cruel and cunning plans to rule the earth and gathering an army of monsters to bring the human race on its knees. When something like that happens, our only hope is that there comes a hero that will rid the world of all vile beings and restore happiness in wasted lands giving us hope for new, better times. Nexo Knights are ready to confront the dark lords under your confident leadership!

Who are they?

Meet five brave and charming characters created by Lego designers! These undefeatable guys always show up in the right time and in the right place to give fight to their countless enemies – and, of course, win. They are quite different, but that doesn’t prevent them from being a well-coordinated team capable of beating even the strongest opponent. Each of the participants posseses a unique of abilities and powers. They are also characterized by the use of unique weapons allowing them to fight against different types of enemies and consider their strong and weak points. Besides, the Nexo Knights are no strangers to modern technologies. They know how to use contemporary gadgets like hooverboards and robotic horses to take advantage of their not so tech-savvy foes. At the same time, they have the backup of a mysterious digital wizard – a computer program trapped inside the castle’s artificial intelligence. This strange bodiless mind helps the five warriors with friendly advice and hacker attacks. After all, there is nothing like good tech support, right?

Those lurking in the shadows

Ok, we learned what we needed to know about the heroes of our story. But what about the villains? We can’t fight them without knowing what to expect from those guys, what their plans and weaknesses are. This time, the Nexo Knights are about to oppose the treacherous Jestro who used to be one of them, but chose the side of evil. He found the legendary Book of Monsters containing an immense charge of dark energy and used it to gather an army of vile creatures willing to spill the blood of the innocent and take over the unsuspecting lands. Nothing and no one seems to be capable of stopping this powerful evil union – except our valiant protagonists! The Nexo Knights will disrupt the cruel intentions of Jestro and restore peace in the Lego land!

Thrilling adventure for Lego fans

If you love the cubic world of Lego games, Nexo Knights is an offer you just can’t miss. Get ready for unbelievable adventures, dangerous trips and adrenaline-packed fights. Sometimes you’ll be severely outnumbered, but remember that your power is in your unity. Let the five knights act as one, lead them wisely through all the perils awaiting them and don’t give up if something goes wrong. There is nobody else to save the Lego land from evil troops that have already started their march. Don’t let the world die in agony! Defeat the vile Jestro and rid the virtual kingdom of his horrifying followers!