Book of Monsters


When evil spreads its ugly wings and there is no one to keep the world from falling into the abyss, only true heroes can change the balance of power and bring the daylight back to those who need it. The cunning Jestro is preparing another move, gathering a countless army of demons to wipe the human race from the earth surface. The evil Book of Monsters by his side is ready to support his ruthless plans. Who will save peaceful lands from the sad fate? The Nexo Knights are about to try and take that challenge!

There are five of them, each having unique abilities that make them unbeatable as a team. Aside from possessing unique powers and wielding different sorts of weapons, our heroes take advantage of a wide arrangement of gadgets that help them tip the scales in their favor. Strong team spirit and coordinated work will allow them to prevail over evil and restore the balance of forces. Of course, they won’t be able to do it without your assistance! So get ready for a fervent fight the outcome of which will depend solely on your ability to find a proper application for each of the knights’ talents.

In the quest for the greater good, the Nexo Knights won’t be alone. There is also a digital wizard trapped in a computer program that supports the valiant heroes in all their beginnings. With a backup like that, they have nothing to fear! Lead the Lego Knights into a cruel combat that will decide the fate of the world and stop the attack of the evil army that threatens to wipe the human race from the surface of the earth!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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