Fearless boys and girls, Knighton needs your help! Jestro took his Book of Monsters, and now the whole kingdom is under threat because of one evil man. You need to fix everything, and don’t let him turn peaceful lives of citizens into a terrible set of days, full of blood and unpleasant meetings with cruel creatures. The Nexo team is really big, and you can ask anyone to help you in this uneasy mission. And believe us, there is a great range of various task that are interesting and challenging at the same time. You aren’t limited by one or two characters, because here you can find many heroes that have unique abilities and you can test everyone, learning how this or that knight can fight. There is a great choice of locations, and you can travel from one to another in search of enemies and making them surrender to your mercy. Form your own team, and conquer your rivals, because they will never surrender, unless you make them. Remember, that all monsters should be defeated, and the Book – destroyed, because it is of a great power, and will resurrect dead creatures.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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