Merlok 2.0


Everyone, who likes to construct different objects, knows Lego family. Here you can combine different details together, and create something unusual. But we like Lego because of a fancy characters that are a part of this great building system. You can become friends with any of them, but Nexo Knights attract more attention than any other hero. This is a big company of various personalities, and you may even don’t know each of them, but you can learn more thanks to various flash games. Here you will find a new application that will lead you to a wonderful world of battles and powerful knights that aren’t afraid of anything.

There are many heroes, and each of them has his own history that you should be aware of. For instance, one of knights was born in a wealthy family, and he doesn’t want to obey the orders, and you should find a way to cooperate with him. But he is funny, and you may always laugh with him. The other knight had an unhappy childhood and he spends all his life, trying to master fighting skills so that no one could offend him. He doesn’t smile, but you can rely on him on the battlefield, and this is one of the most important traits of the perfect warrior.

You can explore various locations, and the world here is practically endless. Moreover, while discovering various mysteries, you can find many interesting places and new heroes that will become friends or deadly enemies. The Book of monsters produces dozens of sinister creatures, and you should be ready to fight with them every second. That is why you must organize a group of devoted friends that won’t leave you alone. Challenge each of them, and create a fearless command that will make all enemies shiver! Remember that everything is in your hands, and you can bring peace back, and make every citizen of Knighton happy in Lego Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 !


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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