Nexo Knights 2017


Ten years ago children used to play outdoors, and they had great fun in big companies. Now they play at home, and in most cases they are alone. This is not bad, if you know what to do indoors. Today there is a great choice of various activities, and you can find something peculiar that will be best in a particular situation. More and more kids use Lego heroes as their friends, and authors make various TV series and video games. This helps to get closer to favorite characters and see more interesting adventures. If you want to participate in this activity, you can play a particular application. Lego Nexo Knights invites you to the world you have never been to, and, thus, very attractive.

There are five fearless knights that are fighting with evil forces. Each of them has a special set of skills, and when they work together, they become an incredible team that can vanquish any enemy. If you want to get the most of them, you should know their weak and strong sides. If you see knights for the first time, you can understand everything, but it is required that you know the story that is told in the TV series. Some of the heroes were born in rich families, and don’t like to obey commands; others were poor, and can rely only on themselves. You should know how to cooperate with them, and only in this case you can win.

Your main enemy is Jestro, and he is very cruel. He has got a Book of Monsters that he uses against usual dwellers of Knighton, and you have to stop him. You have to fight with various creatures that want to take this kingdom under their control, and defeat all of them, including mega boss. This game isn’t too violent, despite the fact that you have to kill someone. You are doing it for your land, and everyone, who lives there, so this is a good thing. There are a lot of breathtaking missions: some of them are very easy, and others require special skills and knowledge. You may even choose a princess for your main character, and she will show that she has nothing to do with fragility and weakness. So, everyone here has strong points, and your task is to learn about them and follow your character through dozens of missions in order to bring the peace back to Knighton.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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