Nexo Knights hack


Lego offers an immense choice of online games fitting all tastes and preferences. If you are one of the fans who can’t live without Lego, there is a game you can’t miss. Meet the brave Nexo Knights with hack, ready to defend the world lying in the shadow of evil. Their enemies are pretty powerful: the cruel Jestro is working on a cunning plan to rule the earth. His army of horrible demons will sweep over the unsuspecting lands leaving behind only blood, despair and ruins. By his side is also the mysterious Book of Monsters – an embodiment of unconditional evil. Can our protagonists really defeat a blind rage like that? With your assistance, they will manage it!

You’ll have five characters to choose from. They are all different and their powers also differ. Depending on the situation at hand, you can combine them in a more or less effective way to achieve maximum advantage in the battle. Every Nexo Knight wields a unique set of weapons and since our guys live in a modern era they are also equipped with pretty cool gadgets that can come in quite handy during the combat.

Besides, our brave warriors have yet another helper – a digital mage living in a computer program. He also helps them to resist evil and gives them precious advice when times are tough. And believe us, any difficulties can be overcome if you can work together as a team! Can you lead the Nexo Knights to victory and allow them to rid the world of evil that has been poisoning these beautiful lands for such a long time? There is only one way to get an answer! Play together with the Nexo Knights, become their leader and help them defeat all the enemies that dare to stand in their way!


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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