Everyone has certain preferences in choosing a favorite game, but all of us pay attention to the plot and main characters. If you like Lego games, then you should try new card game that will become your favorite one. This is a multiplayer, so you can take your friend with you, and enjoy the plot and setting together. There is a deck, and you have to fill it with certain cards that have three categories. Each deck includes more than twenty cards, and you can’t place the same card into several decks. While playing, you and your friend should place the cards one after another, and each of them has a certain value. The rules are quite simple, and you can easily understand what you should do in this or that situation. If you find any difficulty, you can ask for a hint and you will se what next move, or even a couple of them, you can make. The game lasts until the last card is placed on the deck, and there will be no spare place left. Then all characters are counted, and if you have the majority of them, you win. The game is easy, and it attracts more and more people because of its simplicity. Ask your best friend to join you, and you will spend plenty of breathtaking moments together, plating Lego Nexo Knights Trading Card Game.


  • Walk around
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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